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Sea Change, Part 1, Marx & Zavattero by Lee Feinstein  ARTnews  December

Art by Davis & Davis: A Lonely Girl's Quest to Buy a Friend by Dan Kimple  Patch.com  October 4

Crazy for Kewpies  The New Yorker Photo Booth  March 8

Davis & Davis @ L2Kontemporary by A. Moret Whitehot Magazine  Los Angeles  February


The Deal: Fine art photography auction at Kopeikin Gallery by David A. Keeps  Los Angeles Times  Nov. 12

Ding Ding Ding! By Hiya Swanhuyser  San Francisco Weekly  February. 18

'Childish Things' examines youthful memories, stories by Michael Zavavla  The Poly Post   Pomona, CA   April 9 

And the Dish Ran Away with The Spoon   Exhibition Catalog   Collectors Contemporary   Singapore   October


Critics Picks: Naples: Dangerous Beauty by Eugenio Viola   Artforurm   New York, NY   October

Touched by Social Issues by Holly Myers   Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles, CA   August 22

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Nothing to See Here. Of course it's a weather balloon. by Michael Leaverton . SFWeekly   San Francisco, CA   May   - 9

Child's Play by Jamie Menaker   Diablo Arts   Walnut Creek, CA   April   June

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LOS ANGELES: TELIC GALLERY    DAVIS & DAVIS by Katie Kitamura .  Contemporary   London   issue 78

davis & davis, the mechanics of a lie by Sean Patrick Dockray . thirty4 . Istanbul, Turkey   fall

Amid the celestial strands by Holly Myers   Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles, CA   April 22

Davis & Davis by Alison Bing   artUS   Los Angeles, CA Special Issue 5/6 January   February

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Childish Things by Davis & Davis   Monograph . Santa Monica Press . Santa Monica, CA

Davis & Davis Talk to Themselves by Davis & Davis   Coagula Art Journal   Los Angeles, CA   Issue   70 October

Davis & Davis: Childish Things and Small Talents. SFWeekly   San Francisco, CA   November 10

Childhood isn't what it used to be. In the arts, it's dark and complex. by Steven Winn . San Francisco Chronicle   November 17

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Not So Cute and Cuddly by Elisabeth Dunbar   Exhibition Catalog   Ulrich Museum   Wichita, KS

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Lil' Giants by Lindsey Westbrook   San Francisco Bay Guardian   San Francisco, CA   January 23

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Their Dolled-Up Dramas by Holly Myers   Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles, CA . March 22

Gen-Next Art Collecting by Jon Alain Guzik   Bold Magazine   Los Angeles, CA . January

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Photographs and Pranks at Catharine Clark by Kenneth Baker   San Francisco Chronicle   San Francisco, CA   July 29

All Dolled Up by ADCO   glue magazine   Los Angeles, CA   January/February

Art Imitating Politics by Victoria Looseleaf . Downtown News   Los Angeles, CA   June

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Davis & Davis at Cypress College by Rick Gilbert   Artweek   San Jose, CA . December

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Offbeat Realities by Josef Woodard   Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles, CA . Nov. 27

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Are We Touched? Identities From Outer Space at the Huntington Beach Art Center by George Tapley   Artweek   San Jose, CA   September

A Space Oddity by Cathy Curtis   Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles, CA   Aug.  

Contact Lenses by Zan Dubin   Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles, CA   July 24

Are We Touched? Identities From Outer Space Exhibition Catalog   Huntington Beach Art Center   Huntington Beach, CA . July

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