SFWEEKLY 11/10/04

Ooooo. I'm telling ... Kissers (1) & (2) at Heather Marx Gallery. See Wednesday.

Heather Marx Gallery

The wistful looks on the faces of the dolls in Denise and Scott Davis' exhibit, "Davis & Davis: Childish Things and Small Talents" are creepy and powerful. Looking like a cross between Cindy Sherman's carefully arranged self-portraits and Pierre et Gilles' hyperrealistic and color-saturated fantasies, Davis & Davis' dioramas use abandoned toys to guess at the lives of their former owners. A lady stands on a chair, scared of a huge smiling worm. A man runs to catch a falling baby. Little kids explore kissing. In all of the photographs of these scenes, the oddly peaceful faces and postures of the inert subjects tug on your heartstrings in an odd, quiet way. The exhibition closes Nov. 13 at The Heather Marx Gallery. 77 Geary (at Grant), Second Fl., San Francisco, 415-627-9111. Admission is free. call 627-9111 or visit www.heathermarxgallery.com.