SF WEEKLY Vol. 25 No. 14
Night & Day

Nothing to See Here
Of course it's a weather balloon

As far as government coverups go, no one beats the Truman administration - those guys hid a spaceship. Today, UFOlogy is one of the finer American subcultures, awash in Cold War nostalgia and celebrated with pilgrimages to Roswell, N.M., but you can cut the drive time by visiting "Climates of Deception and Planet X," an exhibit by Los Angeles duo Davis & Davis. In EFAC, the artists fashion a roadside cafe on par with Nevada's Little A'Le'Inn (get it?) in which you can pull up a seat and read the infamous Krill Report (an epic of UFO disinformation) while being shadowed by two Men In Black whispering hard-boiled film noir dialog.

"Planet X" - the name refers to undiscovered planets beyond the reach of astronomers - features rich digital-pigment prints of classic toy spacemen on planetary landscapes. With playful art laced with paranoia and conspiracy, Davis & Davis offer a layered look at the area (51?) where UFOlogy butts heads with pop culture.

A reception starts at 5:30 p.m. (and  the exhibit contiunes through May 27) at Heather Marx Gallery, 77 Geary (at Grant), Second Fl,. S.F.  Admission is free; call 627-9111 or visit  www.heathermarxgallery.com.

Michael Leaverton