Reviews of Childish Things book by Los Angeles artists Davis & Davis

by Mat Gleason
Coagula Art Journal
issue #70 Oct., 2004:

Childish Things. Davis & Davis. Santa Monica Press. The husband and wife team deliver devious scenarios captured on film.

the good book: from annuals to manuals
Step Inside Design
Vol. 20 No. 5, Sept./Oct., 2004:

Childish Things by Denise & Scott Davis. Ever wonder what became of your favorite childhood

Buzz Cuts
Los Angeles Magazine
Sept., 2004:
Babies fall from second story windows. An Eskimo child is attacked by a leaping orca.
Vol. 4 Issue 2, 2004:

Simple Things (sic). Davis & Davis. (Santa Monica Press). When we saw this book hoisting

Top Ten: Reasons We Still Play With Toys

November, 2004
Curvatures. Top Ten: Reasons We Still Play With Toys.  

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The Globe and Mail
Sept. 11, 2004:

The Davises are a professional photographic team, as well as wife and husband, who live and work in Los Angeles. This collection of photos - lost dolls and toys, recovered by the photographers and posed in weirdly offbeat scenes - is a sort of paean to the darker moments of childhood.

Childhood isn't what it used to be. In the arts, it's dark and complex.
by Steven Winn
San Francisco Chronicle
Wednesday, November 17, 2004:

Husband-and-wife photographers Davis & Davis use generic dime-store dolls and props to create their woozily colored "Childish Things" images that run from impish to teasing to sinister. Baby dolls tumble from windows and plunge perilously off their high chairs. In one panel of "The Kissers" diptych, a young boy and girl shyly experiment; in the other, with both plastic hands demurely tucked in their plastic pockets, the two boys nuzzle while the girl looks on. A selection of the photographs were on view recently at the Heather Marx Gallery; the "Childish Things" book is published by Santa Monica Press.


"The Kissers" diptych from Davis & Davis' Childish Things runs from impish to teasing to sinister.

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