Artists' Statement: EFAC

EFAC is set in early 1988 at the height of UFO/government conspiracy/paranoia, soon after the release of the MAJESTIC12 documents, the Krill report and John Lear¹s statement regarding government involvement with aliens.

The cafe in EFAC is loosely based on the Little Aleinn in Rachel, Nevada. Rachel is the nearest town to Nellis Air Force Base and Area 51, where testing of captured, alien technology supposedly takes place. The Little Aleinn is frequented by locals, Air Force personnel and tourists driving SR375, the "Extraterrestrial Highway". EFAC¹s window shows a black & white view of the Little Aleinn parking lot, from which we have removed all identifying signs.

Visitors to EFAC can read the Krill report, a well-circulated piece of UFO disinformation written by Captain John Grace (Val Valerian) when he was stationed at Nellis Air Force base, and eavesdrop via the jukebox on two Men in Black as they conspire in silhouette, whispering hardboiled dialog from various films noir of the 1940¹s and 50¹s. A view behind the wall reveals both the robotic nature of the MIBs and the set-like nature of the cafe.

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